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Your customized energy storage on home batteries

  • With a home battery, the surplus (+/- 70%) of generated power does not disappear back into the electricity grid, but is stored at home on a battery. The battery charges automatically during low-cost off-peak hours and uses this energy during peak hours during the day.
  • Solar Powerboozt is an “ALL-IN-ONE” system, which is also a UPS solution for energy storage on home batteries. This makes you less dependent on the big energy suppliers.
  • Be your own OFF-GRID energy supplier and make use of the lost solar energy when you are absent during the day, or use it as emergency power in the event of a power outage in your street.
  • Be prepared for the arrival of the capacity tariff with your home battery. This will positively influence your peak power, and therefore your final invoice.
  • These systems are compatible with our AGM / Carbon batteries or with the Lithium batteries; This increases the efficiency of your solar panels. You choose what is best for your application.


Because the reversing counter disappears, it is best to store your solar energy via battery storage. You can avoid the transport costs and associated costs of excess energy.

SOLAR POWERBOOZT launches a simple concept that easily connects to the existing system of the user without detracting from the previously made structure.

This system is independent of the grid and is easily connected with a new inverter (incl. WiFi) as well as the necessary home batteries.

With respect for the “Green Deal concept”, the systems are supplied with the latest generation of lead-acid batteries (AGM) with Carbon technology, which guarantees a longer lifespan (> 12 years according to EUROBAT standards).

There are 3 different target groups for which this SOLAR POWERBOOZT concept is applicable:


  • 1 x SOLAR POWERBOOZT inverter, including WiFi
  • 1 x pack of SOLAR POWERBOOZT home batteries (AGM with Carbon or Lithium models)
  • 1 x accompanying cable set
  • 1 x fuse + fuse holder
  • 1 x cabinet for the batteries

Technical features

  • Full-fledged Hybrid Sine wave inverter, charger and Solar controller
  • Distinctive peak power to power the most demanding consumers
  • Ideal for environments where the network is not stable
  • Powerful battery charger, specially developed for the latest generation of lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries with built-in BMS
  • Dynamic MPPT efficiency and high conversion efficiency (98%)


SOLAR POWERBOOZT works with a professional network of specially trained installers who have the right technical knowledge and also guide you commercially towards the right concept.


The user will be professionally supported to make the right choice on the basis of a SOLARTOOL, which has been specially developed to suit the customer. Not only is the correct structure looked at, but the payback time of your investment is also calculated, for example; 5-6 years.

To get the highest return from these systems, you will have to adapt to a new life form and purchase new energy-efficient components. Look at LED lamps, smart switches, other operating times of your large consumers such as dishwashers or dryer, etc …

  • SOLAR POWERBOOZT is the house brand of AYTRA Batteries, in addition to our premium brands such as Aytra, Varta, Optima, Exide, Trojan, Rolls, Leoch, Studer, TBB, TBS etc …
  • SOLAR POWERBOOZT products guarantee reliability
  • SOLAR POWERBOOZT is offered at a fair price as per the specifications required by our professional customer.
  • SOLAR POWERBOOZT is a concept that starts with the battery with a nod to related packages of products such as boosters, chargers, testers, inverters, mobility systems, etc …

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