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Whether you’re looking to power your car or a heavy duty industrial vehicle. Aytra Batteries has the right battery for you and your needs.

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Your reliable power source.

Our wide range of batteries consists of two categories, our Active Power Series and our Pro Power Series.

The Active Power Series caters to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles while the Pro Power Series is designed for commercial and leisure vehicles.

Aytra Batteries is also a certified dealer and distributor for several high quality brands.


Start-Stop AGM

Aytra Start-Stop AGM is made out of high-quality and sustainable materials to ensure a consistent power output catered to the needs of your vehicle. The build quality increases the longevity of our batteries while still preserving the original energy capacity. This Start-Stop AGM is specifically designed for vehicles with high energy requirements. These energy requirements can be the result of heavy usage, extreme weather conditions or the presence of a multitude of equipment and accessories.

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Start-Stop EFB

Aytra Start-Stop EFB is manufactured for vehicles with higher than conventional energy cycling requirements. It provides you with a longer lifespan in comparison to conventional batteries. Aytra Start-Stop EFB are compatible with all vehicles, both those with and without Start-Stop technology.

This makes Ayra Start-Stop EFB perfect for the majority of manufactured cars that would like the benefit of an extended lifespan.

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Premium Starter

Aytra Premium Starter is designed and manufactured for vehicles with standard energy requirements. These cars do not have Start-Stop technology and are equipped with the standard hardware. Our Premium Starters provide these vehicles with additional starting power which translate into longer and more consistent performances.

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Heavy Duty

Aytra Heavy Duty is carefully designed to cater to the needs of both agricultural and commercial vehicles. The nature of these vehicles calls for reliable starting power along every step of the way, which is achieved through Aytra Heavy Duty batteries. That way you can decrease the intermission time and maximize output.

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Super Heavy Duty

Aytra Super Heavy Duty is created to accommodate the requirements that commercial vehicles have. More specifically vehicles that spend a lot of time in urban areas. Such vehicles can’t afford too much downtime which is why we provide them with reliable starting power. Aytra Super Heavy Duty provides these vehicles with the tools to execute their job consistently.

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Super Heavy Duty EFB

Aytra Super Heavy Duty EFB is a unique battery specifically designed for commercial vehicles that require high power in order to perform flawlessly. Aytra Super Heavy Duty EFB batteries boast high standards of performance, vibration resistance and longevity. We accounted for the rising demands these trucks have to meet, which is Aytra Super Heavy Duty EFB is a reliable option for years to come.

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Aytra Semi-Traction is designed and manufactured specifically for lower requirement vehicles such as caravans, golf carts and boats. These vehicles are traditionally used seasonally, which is why they need a battery with minimal power loss when unused for periods of time. Aytra Semi-Traction batteries take this into account while providing you with a battery that doesn’t require any maintenance.

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Semi-traction AGM

Aytra Semi-Traction AGM is designed specifically for leisure vehicles such as mobile homes, boats or similar travel vehicles. This battery provides you with enough energy to power your vehicle as well as on-board appliances. Furthermore, Aytra Semi-Traction AGM serves as a storage for solar generated energy. Our design ensures that these batteries start reliably, even in winter temperatures. Aytra Semi-Traction AGM batteries are maintenance-free and leak proof.

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Aytra® sales and distribution network ensures a high availability of products combined with the best service at the shortest possible lead times.

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